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Patients who want quality treatment for a skin condition trust the board-certified dermatologists at Drexel Dermatology. We use cutting-edge medical technology combined with a caring approach, to effectively treat skin disorders including acne, rosacea, moles, skin cancer and rare conditions such as lupus of the skin.

Dermatology and Skin Care Technologies

Dermatology and Skin Care Technologies

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Drexel dermatologists strive for exceptional outcomes in all areas of general dermatology, skin cancer, and laser and cosmetic dermatology. Our areas of expertise include Mohs surgery, laser technology, photodynamic therapy, ethnic skin care, women's health dermatology, and comprehensive skin care for organ transplant patients.

Drexel dermatologists also perform annual skin and mole examinations for the early detection of skin cancer. Through the Drexel Medicine physician network, our patients have convenient access to any additional subspecialty care they may need for their condition, other related conditions, and general good health.

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Drexel Dermatology sees patients at convenient locations in the Philadelphia region.

Drexel Dermatology's services include:

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