Welcome to Drexel University College of Medicine's Dispute Mediation Program.

Mediation is a chance for patients and health care professionals to have a dialogue about a health care dispute with the shared goal of resolution before legal action is sought.

Mediation gives patients the opportunity to have all of their questions about care answered through a meeting with the doctor or care provider. During such a discussion, a patient relays concerns regarding care, and a physician presents a course of action aimed at making the situation right. We believe such honest, open exchanges nourish the doctor/patient relationship by building trust.

It's important to know that patients do not surrender any rights by entering into mediation. Rather, we feel it offers patients an important step along the path to resolution. 

To learn more about mediation, please view the following:

Additionally, you may call CHI Resolutions, the company that manages our mediation program, at 1-800-605-6140.